Author: Edouard Askmo

Design To Express Abstract Ideas

Is that useful to you and others? If so, you should perhaps devote more time to express thoughts and ideas that need to gain terrain among thinking people. All people are thinking but with different goals. Some thoughts are made available to people who are actively involved in thinking that can be constructive and positive. […]

The Tenderness Of Christ

Writing about the tenderness of Christ is important. It’s about giving the right notion of the power of Christ. In the world in which we live a lot of power is used to dominate by exploiting victims. In God’s kingdom, it’s about defending victims who realise they need help and victims more generally speaking. Edouard […]

Comment Pouvons Nous Bien Réfléchir Ensemble?

Si de bien réfléchir ensemble peut permettre d’inclure au lieu que d’exclure les uns et les autres, nous pouvons éviter des conflits évitables pour mieux nous concentrer à résoudre ceux qui sont moins évitables ou carrément inévitables. Si de bien réfléchir ensemble peut nous aider à mieux travailler ensembles, alors nous y gagnons individuellement et […]

Spotta Inte I Motvind Om Du Inte Justerar Hur Du Spottar

Den här texten syftar till att hjälpa tänka på ett speciellt sätt angående sådant man kan ha lätt för att göra obetänkt och som i många fall inte ställer till med något eller några problem. Spotta inte i motvind är en ganska enkel en att förstå såvitt man lagt märke till den osynliga vinden. Säg […]

How Serious Is Your Spiritual Life?

You have to get to the point where you start to realise how serious your spiritual life is before you willingly start to seek God’s will. Do you think one can say so about you and many other human beings? Let us know. Ed Askmo Ed Askmo For more register at and contact us from […]

You have to take the time to treat a good topic that needs to be presented. That can help other people and give you reasons to encourage and be encouraged. This is very important. On and from this page Online we will try to get you busy or busier helping people through what you discover […]

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